Benefits of Teaching your dog to sit

There are many reasons to teach a dog to sit besides the obvious. Your dog can sit by the door to let you know they want to go out. Meaning they don’t have any accidents in house as you missed the signs to go, they can quiet clearly let you know they need to go out. Before teaching your dog to “Lay down” the start position generally is the sit position.  Once they are sitting it is much easier to lure them into the down position.  You can use the sit position to help calm an over excited dog who likes to jump on people as they arrive.  Once they sit they can then greet the person without risk of knocking them over or possible scaring them.  It is also good for your dog to sit when around child who are unsure of your dog.  A sitting dog is less likely to bump into or possibly knock over a child.  When you are out with your dog and you meet some, having your dog sit quietly by your side rather than pulling you and interrupting is a much better scenario.

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