Training Classes

We at The Dog House strongly believe in positive, reward-based training methods. Not just because they are kinder to your dog and improve the bond between the two of you, but also because these methods have been scientifically proven to work on dogs of all breeds, temperaments and ages. 

We offer three types of training formats.

Group Classes


Do you want your puppy to have the best start in life? Our baby puppy classes will help your puppy adapt to everyday life in our human environment. We spend as much time on your pup’s social skills and confidence as we do on behaviours such as sit, down and walking on a loose lead.

Suitable for pups up to 6 months. €95 for 4 weeks 


In our Life Skills Class, we work on practical behaviours that will make life easier for you and for your dog. We will be working on teaching a solid stay, maintaining focus, walking on a loose lead, training a reliable recall, as well as performing basic behaviours such as sit, down and stand.

Suitable for pups over 6 months. €95 for 4 weeks


In our Advanced Life Skills class, we use games and real-life scenarios to solidify the skills your dog gained in the Life Skills class. We will be introducing more advanced skills, target training and trick training to make life with your dog easier and more rewarding.

Suitable for dogs who have gone through our Life Skills Class. €95 for the 4 week course.


In Foundation Agility we work on body awareness, confidence building and handling skills that will help you and your dog form a partnership. Most dogs love agility regardless of their natural athleticism, and we will always adapt our classes to the abilities of your dog.  

Suitable for dogs over 10 months. €95 for the 4 week course.


We will introduce your dog to the agility equipment and work towards running different courses off lead. Agility is a great way to improve your bond with your dog. 

Suitable for dogs over 12 months old. €95 for the 4 week course.


Our private training classes will take place in your own home or in our training centre, and they will be tailored to your specific requirements. Those can range from advice on training your new puppy, to behavioural issues with your adult dog. We cover the whole of County Kerry and part of neighbouring counties. 

Suitable for all dogs. €65 for a 90 minute visit


We run workshops on different subjects, such as loose lead walking, trick training, dog games, dog grooming etc. These workshops tend to last 2 – 3 hours and will be announced on this website and on our facebook page.