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I have always loved dogs and when I was looking for a new career when I retired from the Army and moved to Kerry after getting married. I noticed that there was no dog training or facilities in my local area. So after some research I applied to study to be a Professional Dog Trainer with Creedon’s college in Cork, which is run by Nanci Creedon, one of Ireland’s best known dog trainers and behaviourist. After a year of training with Nanci, I set up Kerry Dog Training. I really enjoy working with dogs and their owners. Trying to help both live a much happier life, this can be anything from something as simple as getting a puppy toilet trained or making a walk much more enjoyable by stopping the dog pulling or less reactive to something they see on their walk.


Benefits of teaching your dog to sit

There are many reasons to teach a dog to sit besides the obvious. Your dog can sit by the door to let you know they want to go out. Meaning they don’t have any accidents in house as you missed the signs to go, they can quiet clearly let you know they need to go out. Before teaching your dog to “Lay down” the start position generally is the sit position.  Once they are sitting it is much easier to lure them into the down position.  You can use the sit position to help calm an over excited dog who likes to jump on people as they arrive.  Once they sit they can then greet the person without risk of knocking them over or possible scaring them.  It is also good for your dog to sit when around child who are unsure of your dog.  A sitting dog is less likely to bump into or possibly knock over a child.  When you are out with your dog and you meet some, having your dog sit quietly by your side rather than pulling you and interrupting is a much better scenario.

Benefits of recall

Recall is one of the most important things you can teach your dog. Having a dog that will reliably come back when you call, no matter what maybe distract them is very important if you intend on letting them off leash.  When you start recall training with your dog, it is important to start slowly and build it slowly.  Just because your dog comes every time you call when they are confined in your garden does not mean that their recall is 100% when out in the park or road and they are faced with numerous distraction like other dogs etc.  Recall is very important for a number of reasons, maybe your dog is approaching another dog who does not want to interact and your dog had misread the signals.  This could lead to injury or worse.  Being able to recall your dog near a busy road is very important.  As if you have to run after them, they may think it’s a game and end up in the road.  If your dog gets spooked and decides to run away, being able to recall them could save them from being hurt or possibly lost.  Having a dog who is 100% reliable on recall takes a lot of time and patient.  You need to start your dogs recall reliability in a small enclosed area and build up to big enclosed areas before you try in an open area.

Benefits of teaching your dog to stay

Stay means that your dog will remain in the same position until you return to them and release them.  Stay has many real life benefits. You can have your dog stay in a safe area while you go ahead to check for dangers. Or you can ask your dog to stay if something dangerous spills or breaks on the floor. You can ask your dog to stay while you cross a busy road to close an open gate without them following you and maybe putting them in danger. It can also be used when some one arrives at the door to stop the door front running out the door or maybe they stay in their bed while you greet visitors so as not to overwhelm them.

Benefits of teaching your dog to lie down

Once you and your dog have mastered the sit, usually the next step is to teach the Down command. A dog is deemed to be lying down when their front elbows are on the floor. There are some reason why your dog may not want to lie down, these include medical reason. Maybe they have sore joints and it’s uncomfortable for they to lie on a hard surface. Possibly the floor is wet or too cold which can be an issue for some breeds of male dogs. We teach a Dog to lie down so that if they are out and you stop at a cafe they can lie down out of the way.  This is also a great behaviour to help your dog relax, and can be used during nail clipping, and adds variety to ways that they can say ‘please’.



Irene McCarthy
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